Put Your Uniform Program on Autopilot

Put Your Uniform Program on Autopilot

Managing a Uniform Program is often known to produce a few new gray hairs! The complexity increases as the number of employees increase and the uniform rules and user hierarchy become more complex.

The services and retail sectors are one of the largest employers of people in Australia, with the large majority of staff in compulsory uniform. Uniform program management at scale can only be done efficiently by using smart technology.

Total Uniform Solutions have been innovators in this space since our inception. After 15 years supplying uniforms across a wide range of industry sectors, our understanding of what features are most important to our clients runs deeper than our love for our latest bamboo-backed recycled polyester fabric innovation.

Most uniform ordering portals are pretty standard, with clients expected to modify their requirements to the out-of-the-box features of their uniform supplier’s software – often falling short of what is actually needed to ensure their uniform program is managed optimally.

Our B2BHub Uniform Management Software is a highly flexible framework, configured to your organisation’s unique requirements – from different product types, staff allocations, multiple billing centres, different payment methods, and more.

It puts your uniform purchasing back into the hands of your employees, safely within the structure of pre-set uniform allowances to keep things on budget; aligned with your uniform policy; and backed by reliable logistics.

B2BHub is an end-to-end automated solution for any large scale organisation with complex logistics surrounding your uniform program.

When we ask our clients using the portal, such as Optus, Lego, Anytime Fitness, The Athletes’ Foot and 99 Bikes, these are the biggest advantages:

  • Flexibility in setup to suit each business’ needs
  • Reduced administrative effort, no dormant stock, shipping and logistics are built into the system
  • Total visibility across an organisation on the performance and compliance of uniform purchasing
  • Once set up, the ongoing purchasing of team uniforms becomes mostly automated, requiring minimal client intervention outside of staff on-boarding/off-boarding (which we can automate for our clients at their request)
  • The portal offers a branded experience

When the mechanics of your day-to-day uniform management is automated, it gives you more time focussed on increasing revenue for your business and ensuring the staff wearing the uniforms are providing the best service to your customers.

If you are interested in a demo of our portal, get in touch with Total Uniform Solutions today.

streamline your online uniform ordering with b2bhub

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